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Travel insurance is a must, whether you’re going to Ireland, Zante, Thailand or where ever on your holidays, be sure to get travel insurance. You’d rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it…as they say!

Below, we’ve listed a few great places to get some travel insurance for a good price! But if you’re yet to even find your holiday…take a sneak peak below at what you could find on;

Hotels Combined

As well as some helpful advice, of course!

Zante Travel Insurance

First things first…

If you have a EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) – This only covers medical emergencies and would not cover any sort of repatriation or associated costs. It doesn’t entitle you to free or reduced costs, necessarily. But always show it and present it, you never know how much money you could save.

Comparison websites can be great! Instead of searching the whole web, it can easily be done in a few clicks. Our favourite is, even if the adverts are annoying.

Alternatively you can go direct to companies such as the trusty, AA and their travel insurance arm, or Go Travel Insurance and Holiday Extras.

Others can include the extremely friendly student insurer, Endsleigh, or the slightly more expensive, but more comprehensive cover – Aviva.

Now for the tips..

Zante Travel Insurance Tips

  • If you rent a Quad bike, your insurance is unlikely to be covered under your insurance.
  • If you get injured while drunk, you’re unlikely to be covered (almost definitely won’t).
  • Moped, unlikely to be covered by your insurance.
  • Cliff diving or any other extreme sport…you guessed it, unlikely to be under your travel insurance.
  • If you’re injury prone when sober, just pay the £5 extra on insurance.
  • If you think not getting insurance is a wise thing to do…just get insurance.
  • If you think you’re going to go on a few holidays in a year, you can get e.g. 30 days insurance cover, which can work out cheaper.
  • Searching on comparison websites can bring up other perks, e.g. Debenhams have offered a £10 voucher before, so you can give this to a friend or family member.

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