Zante FAQs

Zante FAQs

There are always questions that people will think are stupid…some may be, but most of the time people are all thinking the same thing, just don’t want to ask. This is why we’ve got answers to the most frequently asked questions, whether stupid, or not, they’re answered.

Zante FAQs

Where is the Zante strip?

Laganas, towards the East of the island and near the island’s airport.

What currency do they use in Zante/Laganas?

The Euro €.

What’s the time difference?

2 hours ahead of the UK.

How much should should I take to Zante?

Take a look at our ‘Zante Spending Money Guide’

Where can I find the best last minute deals to Zante/Laganas?

On the Beach

Thomson – Scene

Also take a look at our Holiday Recommendations Page.

How do I get in contact with Zante-Laganas?

Take a look at our contact page.

How hot does it get in the Summer at Zante/Laganas?

July/August – 32+°C. Take a look at the Zante weather page.

How long is the flight to Zante from the UK?

Around 3 hours 20 minutes. Take a look at the Zante Flights page.

How much are the Zante drink prices on the strip? (well, Laganas)

Find out the range of prices the Laganas strip offers on our Prices page

What are the best bars in Laganas? (and the best Laganas clubs)

The best Laganas bars (and clubs) can be found on our Nightlife page.

I’ve returned from Zante/Laganas feeling terrible?

…haven’t we all, take a look at our ‘How to get rid of the Zante cough’ page (the Zante flu is a thing).

What does the Zante strip look like? (Laganas strip)

Have a look at our map here and Laganas strip graphic here.

Are there any boat parties in Zante?

Yes, quite a few. Take a look at the Zante boat party page.

Are there any Laganas water parks?

No, but there are 2 on the island of Zante. Find them on our Zante water parks page.

Are there any items I should definitely take to Zante/Laganas?

Take a look at our Zante holiday checklist here and our Top 10 Party Holiday Tips here.

What’s the best accommodation in Laganas?

Take a look at our top Laganas accommodation section here. Or our other recommended accommodation here.

So, downloading Zante-Laganas content?

We’re here to provide information, sometimes this may be through downloading a PDF. If you agree to download a PDF brought to you by Zante-Laganas you’ll also be immediately signed up to our mailing list. If you wish to unsubscribe from our emailing list, just drop us a short email to and we’ll be happy to remove you.

Do you have any other websites I can have a look at?

We don’t have any other ‘party’ resort websites in our portfolio, but we do have a sister site – that you can take a look at if you like!