Top Zante 2018 Activities

Top Zante 2018 Activities

Laganas, there’s more to do than meets the eye, and certainly more to do than just drinking and partying, there’s also more to do on the island of Zante itself, so we’ve got some Zante 2017 activities, that don’t involve drinking! I know, we were surprised we thought of this many as well!

Firstly, we’ve all been guilty of going abroad on holiday and then doing nothing more than simply sleeping/sunbathing by the pool, by the beach or in bed during the day.

Top Zante 2018 Activities List

  • Zante Bar Flairing

Something that could definitely liven up your day time, yes it may involve alcohol but it was too good to miss out! From flaring, mixology, bartending skills, tricks, & cocktail making classes make sure you check out Bar Flair School here.

  • Zante Bar Crawl

We obviously know people come to Zante to have a few drinks and relax. So we’ve created the Zante bar crawl so you can remember where to go and the best places to go instead of hunting around the Laganas strip for the best bars and night clubs! Check here for the Zante bar crawl!

  • Rum & Raybans Boat Party

How does unlimited shots all night, fireworks, champagne spray, air conditioned coach transfer, 200 girls & 200 guys, free super club after party entry and more sound? Well read up more on our dedicated Rum & Raybans boat party 2017 page here – you can secure your place there for only £20!

  • Zante Watersports

We can only imagine this will be the Top Zante 2017 Activities!…Zante Banana Boats, Zante Water Skiing, Zante paragliding and more. The Zante watersports on offer are a great experiences and will definitely add something forgettable to your holiday, not to mention a few screams and maybe a tear or two. Check out here or here for further information.

Rough prices:

  • Banana Boat – €13 per person
  • Water ski – €35 per person
  • Fly fish – €20 per person
  • Jet bike – €40 per person
  • Paragliding – €60 per person

  • Adrenaline Hunter

For those of you look for something more adventurous and for those more outgoing. Look no further than Adrenaline Hunter. You can search among loads of water sports on Zante, simple prices and easy to book!

  • Zante Mini Golf

Everyone loves Mini golf! If not they should, and if they need persuading get them down to Fantasy Mini Golf Zante, with a bar, pool tables and more on offer to pick from. Located at Tsivili, just north of Laganas. You could easily spend hours here, putting, drinking, putting, drinking…you get the picture of what happens here at Zante mini golf!

Another Zante mini gold course is that of the one in Kalamaki – Kalamkai Crazy Golf. Two 18 hole mini golf courses, located off the main Kalamaki main road and behind the Ionian Blue Hotel, similarly to Fantasy, there’s food and drink on offer for all the family. Closer to the Laganas strip than that of the Fantasy Mini Golf, Kalamki is the next resort along the beach if you face the sea, turn left and keep walking.

  • Zante Beach Sailing

Well, maybe not sailing – but you can rent a pedalo? They’re tiring yes, but they’re also fun. You’ll get a tan, be exercising and having fun. Plus, a pedalo isn’t that expensive. Around the €10 – €15 per hour mark.

  • Zante Bowling

Bowling’s always fun, especially with a group of you. Your chance to have a few bets on who’ll be the best, challenge some other holiday go’ers, whatever it may be bowling’s a great way to relax and de-stress after a potentially, heavy night of drinking. Visit Bowl’m Over for more info.

  • Zante Horse Riding

This isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, we understand. However, plenty of our female readers we’re sure will enjoy riding around on a Horse for a few hours or so, it’s again also very good exercise.

They’re several different rides from the beach to the forest and the sand dunes to the valley, ranging from 30 minutes up to 2 hours. Check out this for further information.

  • Zante Hiking

This may not be too high on people’s agenda when hungover. But early in the morning or late at night, when the weather’s cool you can sweat out the alcohol, find some great views of the island and burn some alcohol calories you may have put on! The highest peak on the island is only around 752 metres, so not exactly Mount Kilimanjaro. But definitely worth walking around and exploring the many coves, caves and scenery Zante has to offer.

  • Zante Snorkeling

Zante has some of the nicest beaches going, some of the clearest waters and this will be perfect for spotting a few fish. You can do this by taking some goggle and a snorkel with you, not exactly expensive.

However, for the more experience – Scuba diving is on offer for around €50, feel free to enquire at places such as Turtle Beach & Euro Diver. With Scuba diving there are certain limitations and qualifications needed for deeper dives, but beginners are more than welcome. An opportunity not to be missed, especially with the opportunity to meet the infamous Caretta Loggerhead Sea Turtles.

  • Rent a Vehicle

This won’t be available to everyone, given age restrictions and minimum driving experience requirements. However, Zante is a great island with a lot to offer such as the Zante water parks and the old Zante town. Feel free to get a quote at Zante rent a car or Auto Motor Club (there are plenty more, be sure to search around for the best price).

Keep partying,