The Zante 2018 Bar Crawl

The Zante 2018 Bar Crawl

We like to provide something for everyone. And we understand there are many types of people out there. We get that people want to go to attend organised events and there are others that like to venture out on the strip. e.g. the Rum & Raybans Boat Party, or simply going on an adventure down the Zante strip.

At Zante-Laganas we’ve come up with our own bar crawl, starting from the top of the strip heading down towards the beach. Easy to follow, easy to drink and easy to party!

The Zante 2018 Bar Crawl List

N.B. Walk to the top of the strip (Avoid street promoters initially, say we’ll be back and make sure they remember you! As when you come back, you can say “Look I came back, like I said I would” it may help you get a better deal ;)!

Remember, have a large dinner first! We want you to have a good time and be careful. Check out some of the restaurants on offer in Laganas here that might help you.

  1. Fish Bowl – First stop and it’s time for the obvious here.
  2. The Three Lions –  A bit English we know. But have just a quick one in here. Nice and open here so you can see the world spin. As well as people spinning out.
  3. G-Spot – As you’re coming down the road, turn left just after Ghetto Club. Grab another drink here to keep you going.
  4. Linekars – Back onto the main road and head to Linekars for something a little different. Up until now you’ve been sitting down, relaxing, drinking, enjoying the company of your friends and maybe friendlier friends…Head into the back of Linekars if you’re feeling up for it.
  5. Cocktails & Dreams – You can’t miss this. Get in there for your next drink for definite.
  6. DIY – Now you can head back up to Ghetto Club for Hip-Hop, or down the road towards the beach for more Hip-Hop at Waikiki. Something a little louder head opposite Cocktails and Dreams for either Rescue or Zeros Club, or back up the hill for Plus Club. But most importantly this is whatever you want!
  7.  FINALLY: Cherry Bay – Now it’s the early hours of the morning head back up the hill towards the centre of the strip, you’ll eventually stumble across Cherry Bay. Open until the AM it’ll definitely keep you busy.
  8. Maybe? Then head back to the beach in the morning to watch the sunrise with your last Tequila Sunrise.

Feel free to do what you like, when you like! This is a good place to start so you can find your way around and down the Laganas strip in Zante 2018. But that was the Zante 2018 Bar Crawl. DIY style. We hope you enjoy it when you attempt to follow it…if you’re not too drunk!

Keep partying,