How much to take to Zante 2018?

How much to take to Zante 2018? You ask…

Well since the 2016 edition and the  How much to take to Zante 2017 editionhow much to take to Zante, the pound to euro exchange rate has just continued to worsen.

But we still appreciate it’s always a big problem knowing how to answer the question of  “How much to take to Zante?” Will I have enough? Will I take too much and return home with €100’s burning a hole in your pocket.

Well our price list can be found here, but to summarise the important bits:

Laganas Prices – Zante Spending Money 2018

Alcohol drinks on the Laganas/Zante strip range from €1 shots to €5-€7 to more extravagant drinks such as headf*ckers

Drinks from the shops are cheaper – around €1 for a large bottle of water, €15 large bottle of vodka (depends on brand), €2.00 for fizzy drink (depends on brand)

Food from Zante restaurants ranges – anywhere between €25 – €30 per head for a three course meal and drinks (depends on restaurant)

How much to take to Zante 2018?

Generally we advise around €75 a day, most people won’t get up for breakfast, so you can immediately count that out!

Remember, some nights you’ll spend more, some less. Sometimes you’ll just have a night just on the strip at the new Cherry Bay, Waikiki etc. Other nights you’ll end up going to the White party, seeing Charlie Sloth and spending loads. Just make sure you keep an eye on your money…but don’t be a ‘scrooge’, it’s holiday after all!

Zante Spending Money 2018 – Weekend Edition (Friday, Saturday and Sunday night) *NEW FOR 2018*

  • We recommend around €240-70
  • Just over €80-€90 per day. A short holiday we know, but you’ll probably spend a more than you usually would
  • We’d recommend around €25 a day for food (Check out some Laganas restaurants)
  • Nightclub entry at around  €20-€30 (if there is an event on)
  • €10-15 pre-drinks per night.
  • You won’t need a quad bike for this. Just jump in taxis!

Zante Spending Money 2018 – 1 Week Holiday

  • We recommend around €500 – €600.
  • Just over €71 per day/€85 per day . Remember 2 of these days are travels days.
  • Booze cruises around €50-€60.
  • We’d recommend around €25 a day for food, it’s only a week so you may as well eat what you like (some nice Laganas restaurants can be found on the beach front).
  • Nightclub entry around €20-€30 (if there is an event on).
  • €10-15 pre-drinks per night.
  • Quad bikes are around €20 ish a day and €5-€10 petrol will get you a fair distance.

Zante Spending Money 2018 – 10 Day Holiday

  • Zante-Laganas recommends taking around €800
  • Roughly €80 per day is a healthy day, including 2 travel days, so you may not spend a lot of money on arrival and leaving day
  • Booze cruise is around €50-€60, you’re there for 10 days, definitely do something over than laying around the pool all day. Zante has some of the best party boats going!
  • Similarly, around €25 a day for food, assuming you won’t really be eating a breakfast 😉
  • Nightclub entries are the same, €20-€30 a night if there is an event on. Sometimes a lot more! But also, sometimes slightly less!
  • €10-€15 for predrinks again, this is generous though!
  • Quad bikes are up to you, the same prices per day. Just be careful of insurance!

Zante Spending Money 2017 – 2 Week Holiday

  • First of all, good luck if you plan on going out every night (we salute you).
  • We recommend around double that of a 1 week holiday. Around €1000-€1200.
  • Just over €71 per day/€85 per day . AgainRemember 2 of these days are travels days.
  • Around €30 a day for food should be enough. You’ll have to have a few nice meals over the 2 week period! Otherwise you’ll be sure to come down with…The Zante Cold! (Check out the beachfront for nice views and great food).
  • Booze cruises around €50-€60.
  • Nightclub entry around €20-€30 (if there is an event on).
  • €10-15 pre-drinks per night. Again 2 weeks, you may want to splash out and buy slightly nicer/larger Vodka between a group of you and use that for a few nights.
  • Quad bikes are around €20 ish a day and €5-€10 petrol will get you a fair distance (over 2 weeks you may want to explore somewhat)
  • Check out the Zante water parks for something different.

Please note these are estimates, some of you may spend more…a lot more, but some may spend less, while others this short guide will be just enough.

Keep partying,