Zante 2018 Guide

Zante Guide 2018

We’re almost 100% you had a fantastic time in Zante this year. However, things will never stay the same and will on get bigger, better and just that bit more special. And that’s what Zante 2018 will bring. Zante 2017 brought more guests, such as Nathan Dawe again, Kano, Craig David, Sigala, Subfocus and loads more. Not to mention new events such as The Ball @ Zeros.

For Zante 2018 expect sun, drinks, partying, booze cruises, paint parties, more superstars and loads more. To get started take a look at our Zante Nightlife section and feel free to take a look around at the website!

Zante Accommodation

If you’re looking at accommodation for Zante make sure you take a look at our accommodation main page and pages on top Laganas accommodation and other accommodation Zante/Laganas has on offer.

If you’re interested in the whole deal and want to have a look at Zante-Laganas’ recommendations and top places to get the best Zante deal, take a look at our dedicated Recommendations Page.

And more on Zante 2018…

Over the next few months we’ll be bringing you more information, but for now check out some more pages below;

Girls Holidays

Lads Holidays

Working Clubbing Holiday Information

Zante Flights

Zante Resort & Island Tips

Zante Prices

Zante FAQs

This year Zante will be an amazing year, better than ever before. But if you think we’re missing something out, want us to include anything, or simply want to share your comments then please get in touch at

Keep checking back here for updates!

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