Working Clubbing Holiday

Working Clubbing Holiday 2018

Some describe it as living the dream, others may not. However compare a summer in the UK of working compared to a summer just working abroad in general and we all think we know what will come out on top!

There are a few pro, cons, benefits, drawbacks whatever you call them of a working clubbing holiday. And we’ve listed the one’s we think are some of the most important in persuading you to work abroad this summer!

What are the pros of a working clubbing holiday?

  • It’s different. Different from working that typical 9-5 or being stuck in a supermarket working all day and night
  • It’s fun all the time, you’re working and partying at the same time. Every night is a weekend!
  • Naturally you’ll meet loads of new people, other workers abroad and even just holiday makers.
  • You’ll get an amazing tan. Perfect to make those back home jealous
  • You’ll most likely get cheap drinks and food, if not free. Cheap entry to the clubs if not free!

What are the cons of working clubbing holiday?

  • You will be working most days, if not everyday.
  • The accommodation you live in won’t be great, and if you have air-conditioning you are one of the lucky ones.
  • You will need a budget. Unless you bring with you tonnes of money. Pay isn’t unfortunately that great.
  • The free drinks and food, yes a positive for may. However free drinks, mean you’ll probably drink to much, free or cheap food means you’ll probably eat too much.
  • Free drinks! Yep, it’s a pro and con, you gotta remember most of the drinks are cheap alcohol and to much of it will make you feel ill.
  • You’ll miss home. Well, most people will. Unless friends or family visit I doubt you’ll be able to speak to them much. Not to mention the home comforts!

Now you’ve had a little read of the good bits…and the bad bits, you’ll probably want to know what’s next to make this into reality. Well..

What next for your working clubbing holiday?

You want to be in a good position when you arrive. You’ll be foolish to arrive with no accommodation and no job and no money. That combination is a recipe for disaster!

  • Have as much money saved as you possibly can
  • Get in touch with various of the companies that can find you work abroad, check Twitter, check Facebook, socialise and get to know some people.
  • Try to have a job before you get to your destination. Search for bars, clubs, events, boat parties and contact them.

Here are various companies and websites to begin your search for working abroad in 2018:

Final preparations for you clubbing working holiday 2018.

Your almost there but there a few things you need to do before you leave.

  • Take copies of all your documents, this includes your passport, bank cards and your EHIC card.
  • Get insurance! Medical care abroad is very expensive. It’s defiantly better to have insurance and not need it, then to need it and not have it. Also if you are heading to a European destination get your EHIC as well. Girls Insurance can be found here. While guys can be found here.
  • Make a note of all phone numbers. E.g. your banks, friends, family etc.

When to go?

Initially treat it as a holiday, book a holiday, flights, transfers etc. for a a week or two.  This is so you have somewhere comfortable to stay and scout out the bars, clubs, events, hotels etc. if you haven’t already found work that it. It’ll also be a good chance to meet people and get to know other workers. Feel free to search on Hotels Combined below to find available dates etc.

Have fun on your working clubbing holiday!

Keep partying,