The best ways to stay safe on the strip in Zante

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The best ways to stay safe on the strip in Zante

We understand going abroad alone or even with friends can be probably the best time of your life, if not the best. From organising your money and not spending too much, getting too drunk and causing complete chaos, being careful walking around unknown areas. Yes, there are some dangers, but going abroad can be the best experience of your life. And we want you to be safe, so find the best ways to stay safe on the strip in Zante below…

Drinking too much alcohol

  • This should come without saying, but it’s first for a reason. If you’re going to the Zante strip and want to be safe on the Zante strip, it’s best to probably just be sensible about much you’re drinking on the Zante stip…and other places aboard. We know you’ll probably pre-drink in your rooms, or even at the hotel bar. But be careful…suddenly, it will hit you, and you’ll be absolutely smashed! Take care of your friends and you’ll have a great night.

Zante Watersports

  • They’re great, don’t get us wrong. But just be careful, mainly if you can’t swim, if you go on when you’re paralytic, if you’re going to act like a complete fool etc. The main reason being, is that your insurance company will most likely not cover you for water sports…so it’s best to check if you are, and be careful if you’re going to jump on some the Zante watersports. Just a warning.

Stay with your friends

  • There are some absolute weirdo’s that will be on the Zante strip. Well,  there are loads of freaks, wherever you go. So be careful. Stick around with your friends, try not to lose them. Luckily it’s much easier as we can all use our phones abroad. But if you’re going to stray off, try telling your friends. We all know there’s one who runs off and goes on a random exploration on a night out.

Avoid dodgy areas

  • We mean areas like, behind bars/cafes/restaurants, those dodgy looking alleys, those dark streets of the main strip abroad. Just think before you go. Preferably go with your friends, as yes, some of your hotels may be down these slightly dark alley ways.

Cars, quads, jeeps, vehicles etc

  • The strip, wherever you are, can get crazy. Everyone will be getting drunk and the people driving the cars, quads, vans, won’t probably care, and some may not even want to stop/slow down for you. So just be wary, and try not to fall into the road when you’re drunk and off your face…

Going back with a lad/girl

  • Which ever way around it is. A guy asking a girl, a girl asking a guy, maybe try to be careful and let your friends know you’re going, keep your phone on you and be careful. Most of the time you won’t know this person that well, I’m guessing…so keep your whits about you!

Try not to be too stupid, have fun, keep your phone charged and some extra money in your pocket in case you get lost. But most of all, have a great time.

Keep partying,


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