Pounds to Euros – 27th July

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At Zante-Laganas we know the importance of money and wanting to keep you in the loop we’ve got a quick update on the Pounds to Euros rate from our last blog post on the topic (check it out here if you want to have a look).

(Feel free to check out the general exchange rate Zante tips and advice at www.zante-laganas.co.uk/laganas-tips/exchange-rates/)

Pounds to Euros – 27th July

As of today your hard earned pound gets £1 : €1.3775 from CEC which isn’t too bad right?

Well, from Weswap for £1 you can get €1.39, which is obviously great!

Other good Pound to Euro rates include;

no1currency – £1 : €1.3854

Marks & Spencers – £1 : €1.305

Debenhams – £1 : €1.3696

Always check your local high street and the Post Office always do give a good rate, especially if you’re exchanging quite a bit of money e.g. £500+. If you find a better rate elsewhere, try haggling a bit, see if you can get a more for your money!

CEC store’s are based in and around London, but do deliver – this however incurs delivery fee of around £5. Weswap is somewhat different – you’ll be sent a prepaid card uploading with your foreign money…you swap your money with somebody else, no bank means less fees.

Our top advice: Take as many Euro’s out with you as possible (keep them safe, pay for a safe), pay with your card wherever you can if you run low on cash

And…don’t stress out, you’re on holiday! Have a few drinks, have some nice food, enjoy the sun, sea, sand and…se…We’ll leave it there!

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