Zante Hangover Cure

We know what you’re all like, too much alcohol, not enough sleep, too many shots,  the list Zante hangover curecould go on, but that’s why we’ve come up with ideas for the Zante hangover cure!

And at Zante-Laganas we know there will be days when you’ll be struggling from too much alcohol, so we’ve created a few helpful tips to help you get over the Zante hangover, but more specifically the Laganas hangover!


Zante Hangover Cure List

  • Drink plenty of water

You’ll wake up dehydrated and feeling like you’ve been drinking sand as opposed to those tasty fish bowls and Sambuca shots. If you want to crack on drinking the following night, which I’m sure you will, you’ll want to get over the previous nights hangover as soon as possible. And the best remedy, yup, water. Hydrate and then hydrate some more. This is probably our best tip on our Zante hangover cure list, that’s why it’s first!

  • Feed the hangover

Along with plenty of water, that’s right, plenty of food. You’ll need something to soak up all the alcohol, you could even kill two birds with one stone here…eat and then have some watery foods such as watermelon or salads. We know what you’re like though, you’ll probably head down to the strip and grab a burger, at least we can say we tried.

  • Jump in the pool

As you can imagine, no pool in Laganas is heated (as far we’re aware anyway). So before they warm up during the day what could be more refreshing than jumping in the cold pool water? Okay, jumping in the pool then relaxing on the side with a cold beer could be more refreshing, but for now stick to jumping in and grabbing a refreshing soft drink, you’re meant to be hungover!

  • Stay out of the sun

At Zante-Laganas we want to get a few of the sun’s rays as much as any body else, but while your hungover you’re already dehydrated and the sun will only make it worse. But if you must, grab a nice big 2 litre bottle of water to drink so you stay hydrated throughout the day. You’ll feel better when it comes to stomaching pre-drinks, this combined with drinking water go hand in hand, this should really be second on the Zante hangover cure list, but hey, it’s on the list right?

  • Get some sleep

I’m sure some of you will love this one. Some of you may feel a bit groggy because you only got a few hours sleep the night before…or well for the past few nights. Our advice, have a big lunch, down a big bottle of water and hit the hay. The nightlife in Laganas doesn’t fully get going until quite late at night, so you’re not going to miss anything by having a nap between 5-8pm for instance. It’ll do you the world of good.

  • Paracetamol

We’ve all knocked a few of these back when we’re hungover. Just be sure to take them on a full stomach and not before you go out, it could do you more harm than good. Combined Paracetamol with having some sleep, we’d recommend a big meal, downing loads of water, throwing 2 paracetamol in your mouth and then having a good, solid nap.

Obviously we want you to drink sensible…but we’ve got our favourite three drinks here for you to try and drinks prices for Laganas can be found here.

Hopefully the contents of our Zante hangover cure list has been ingrained into your head so when those no doubt hangovers come around, you’ll be well and truly prepared.

Keep partying,