Laganas Map

Laganas Map

We all need a little help getting around, even us at Zante-Laganas. But whether you’ve had one too many at night or you’ve been walking around the streets for a good hour or two, it’s always a good idea to have a map on you, I guess more importantly while you’re here you should have a Laganas map, right?

(Scroll down to find a convenient map of the Zante/Laganas strip we made)

So here at Zante-Laganas we’ve embed the Laganas map via Google so you can have a look around. Feel free to zoom in, click about and whatever else takes your fancy, maybe jot down some places of interest or helpful places such as the shops, doctor’s etc (I’m thinking more clubs and Laganas restaurants however).

By fully zooming in you the individual venues appear which will make it extremely easy to get around when you’re there…plus, getting to know the map while sober will probably help you get around when you’ve had one or two drinks.

Zante Laganas Strip Map

Zante strip
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Laganas Map

If you’re on your way out to Laganas or if you’re already there and haven’t got time to scour the map just check out our useful phone numbers section here, these will come in handy come an emergency!

If you’ve got any questions be sure to drop us a message on our contact page and we’ll be happy to help out.

Or if you’ve found your next hotel on the Zante strip map, get searching below:

Keep partying,