Zante Nightlife

From Cherry Bay, Zeros, Cocktails & Dreams to Plus Bar and Waikiki. Zante nightlife has it all on the infamous Laganas strip. Packed throughout the summer with non stop partying, non stop drinking and non stop fun.

You’ve stumbled across our 2018 Zante nightlife page or as most people like to call it Zante 2018!…So we’ll assume you like to party. Well here you’ll find the best Zante clubs and Zante bars that you must visit when you’re finally ready to explore the Laganas nightlife, known to many as the Laganas Zante strip.

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Don’t miss out… read below to find out how to make your Zante holiday, the best ever.

The nightlife in Laganas 2018 and on the Zante strip will blow you away.

Zante nightlife

With bars and clubs playing everything from house music to pop music, hip-hop to dance music, R&B to funky house, 70s, 80s and 90s with everything in between. Throw in some karaoke and the mix can be as eclectic as you wish!

The nightlife is buzzing from 10pm to 6am every night, with the peak times from 12am to 4am. So if you’re out drinking at 8pm, we wish you luck!

Almost every bar and club are free entry, so I wouldn’t worry about that. However be prepared to pay if clubs have special guests on that night.

We’ve pulled together to create the Zante Nightlife Reviews, what we think are the best nightspots that can’t be missed on your visit.

Zante Nightlife – Bars & Clubs 2018

Note: Number 1 doesn’t mean it’s the best place to go. One club/bar may be someone’s favourite but not yours! So just go and try all of what the Laganas Zante strip has to offer!

1.  Medousa Zantemedousa_laganas nightlife

  • A hit with the Laganas bar crawls and for good reason. Playing a range of music from chart and dance to R&B, with a large bar in the centre of club. Sums up the Laganas nightlife in one really!

2.  Rescue Bar & Rescue Club Zanterescueclub_laganas nightlife

  • Almost an institution of the Laganas nightlife, the biggest nightclub in Zante with a capacity of over 1500. Paint parties every week and huge acts across the Summer. Check out the full Rescue Club Zante page here.

3.  Plus Bar & Plus Club Zanteplusclub_laganas nightlife

  • With a bar on the Laganas Zante strip serving cocktails and mixers of your choice. Step through the doors into the Plus Club which you’ll find playing all your favourite music from all your favourite genres from some of the biggest names (Scott Mills, Tim Westwood, Judge Jules to name but a few). Check out full Plus Club Zante page here.

4.  Cocktails and Dreams Zantecocktailsanddreams_laganas nightlife

  • If you want a cocktail, you’ve guessed it. Get one from Cocktails and Dreams. Based on the late 80s Tom Cruise film Cocktail and boasting an impressive list of over 40 different cocktails you’d be foolish not to enjoy the fruits of the barman’s labour. So head on down…then up the stairs of Cocktails and Dreams.

5.  Zeros Club Zantezerosclub_laganas nightlife

  • Another huge club not to be missed. Firebreathers, foam parties, Hed Kandi events and more. This club sure does rival Rescue bar in for the number 1 spot in Laganas Zante. Check our the full Zeros Club Zante page here.

6.  Linekers Zante linekars_laganas nightlife

  • A small bar at the front to tempt you in, then take a step into the back room to reveal all. An intimate bar but lively and full of energy, even if the club can be a bit cramped at times.

7.  Zoo Club Zantezooclub_laganas nightlife

  • One of the newest clubs to beckon the Laganas nightlife with its unique zoo theme and set on the 2nd floor it’s is sure to grab your attention when you’re making your way down the Laganas strip, if the copious amounts of other bars don’t.

8.  Ghetto Bar Zanteghettoclub_laganas nightlife

  • Offers a great alternative to the pop and chart music affair that fills the typical Laganas nightlife. A healthy mix of RnB, Hip-Hop and Funky house is enough to take you mind.

9.  Waikiki Zantewaikiki_laganas nightlife

  • The other option for you Hip-Hop and RnB heads, located at the bottom of the strip right next to the beach you’ll hear the music and see the crowds before you’re even close.

10. Sin City Zante

sin city

  • Sin City. A stylish, vibrant bar & club with great offers and live DJ’s all night. Sin City has a comfortable seating area including sofa’s outside for those looking to relax and have a drink, whilst offering an excellent music / strobe lighting system for those wanting to party.

11. Pure BeachClub Zantepure beach club

  • Pure BeachClub, has only been around since 2014 for a start.
    Private cabanas, luxury beds & sun loungers to relax and enjoy cocktails during the day, but as evening draws close expect champagne spray parties and an environment reminiscent of a festival! Owned by Gaz Beadle from MTV’s Geordie Shore, expect a crazy time here and some great events over the summer months (you may even spot him there – they filmed a Geordie Shore Zante over summer 2015). Check out the full Pure BeachClub Zante page here.

12. Cherry Bay Zantecherry bay zante

  • Almost an institution within Zante. Cherry Bay Zante is located at the bottom of the Zante strip near the beach  on the main strip now (It’s moved for Zante 2018) with a speed boat housing the DJ. Still open until the early hours, Cherry Bay is the last stop for most until the sun rises and everyone goes home…now you may have to walk a bit further to jump in the sea after the Zante nightlife! Check out the full Cherry Bay Zante page here.

13. Sizzle Club ZanteSizzle Club Zante

  • Sizzle opened back in 2006 and now is in it’s tenth year. Located about halfway up, or down the strip Sizzle Club Zante can hold around 1,000 revelers, has a state of the art lighting system, plasma screen TV’s, massive sound systems playing your favourite chart, hip-hop, RnB, house, dance music and more!

14. Cheeky Tikis Bar ZanteCheeky Tikis Zante

  • Cheeky Tikis Bar Zante is a British own Hawaiian themed bar on the strip. Offering some of the best cocktails on the strip, you should definitely give Cheeky Tikis a visit, or two!

15. Enzo Bar ZanteEnzo Bar Zante

  • Enzo Bar Zante, located near the Laganas strip and just opposite the Cactus hotel and Pure Beach Club they’ll definitely be able to give you what you want! Drinks, food, beer pong and more. The pre-club bar for sure!

16. Sabotage & Aussies Zantesabotage & aussies zante

  • Proud home of the €15 free bar all night long !! Packed week in, week out and not only one of the best clubs in Laganas Zante. But they also have a BOUNCY CASTLE REVOLVING DANCE FLOOR and daily events running throughout the summer season!

17. Glamour Bar Zanteglamour bar Zante

  • Relax during the daytime in either one of their 2 Jacuzzi’s. Sip on Daiquiri or Headfucker. In the evening expect Haribo Headfuckers, walking the plank and new this year Football Pool. Plus, loads of live sports throughout the season!

18. Life’s a Beach Barlife's a beach bar zante

  • Life’s A Beach Bar in Zante is one of the best beach bars in Zante. Famous for its weekly Beach Party featuring an unlimited BBQ, Inflatables, Limbo, Beer Pong, Sunbeds, Cabanas, Vodka Slush Puppies, Smoke Machine and more. Sip a cocktail with the Mediterranean sea on the doorstep!

The 2018 Zante Nightlife will be crazier than ever, so be sure to save up your money, get excited with your friends and get ready!

Zante nightlife & Laganas nightlife – Laganas Strip Map

Zante strip

Zante Nightlife – Other Zante Laganas Bars 2018

  • Lush Bar
  • Glamour Bar
  • Q Bar
  • Revs Bar
  • 4 Play Bar
  • G-Spot Bar
  • Fishbowl Cocktail Bar
  • 3 Lions Bar
  • Barcode Bar
  • Maggie Mae’s Bar
  • Chevys Bar
  • Turtles Beach Bar
  • Cubaneros Beach Bar
  • Legends Bar
  • Billy Cottons Bar
  • Big Umbrella Bar
  • Captain Morgan’s Bar
  • Cream Bar
  • Shenanigans Irish Bar
  • Malibooze Beach Bar
  • Life’s a Beach Bar

As you can see from this short list, the Laganas nightlife has a wide range of choices, importantly not all bars are found on the Laganas Zante strip, the Zante nightlife stretches from the beach front, all the way up the main road, so be sure to check out everything whilst you’re there. Also, this is only a small snippet of what you can expect. So look out for clubs and bars round every nook and cranny – some other helpful tips can be found here and here.

Zante nightlife 2018 Events (Full list of Zante 2018 Events here)

A taste of what to expect is below

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Tidal Boat Party Zante 2018

tidal boat party zante 2018

Tidal boat party 2018. One of the newest Zante boat parties on offer. Starting later on in the evening, this high energy, electrifying boat party will definitely have you ready to hit the Zante strip after.

With resident DJ’s and MC’s on board they’ll get in you the mood. Stopping for a swim, leap overboard and dive into the Ionian Sea, what more could you ask for? Well, drinks starting from €2 and 1 hour free captain’s cocktails bar say no more.

Dates: Every Saturday (Wednesday & Saturday in peak season)

Price: €50

9th June Tidal Zante Boat Party 2018 – Tickets here

16th June Tidal Zante Boat Party 2018 – Tickets here

23rd June Tidal Zante Boat Party 2018 – Tickets here

27th June Tidal Zante Boat Party 2018 – Tickets here

30th June Tidal Zante Boat Party 2018 – Tickets here

4th July Tidal Zante Boat Party 2018 – Tickets here

7th July Tidal Zante Boat Party 2018 – Tickets here

11th July Tidal Zante Boat Party 2018 – Tickets here

14th July Tidal Zante Boat Party 2018 – Tickets here

18th July Tidal Zante Boat Party 2018 – Tickets here

21st July Tidal Zante Boat Party 2018 – Tickets here

25th July Tidal Zante Boat Party 2018 – Tickets here

28th July Tidal Zante Boat Party 2018 – Tickets here

1st August Tidal Zante Boat Party 2018 – Tickets here

4th August Tidal Zante Boat Party 2018 – Tickets here

11th August Tidal Zante Boat Party 2018 – Tickets here

18th August Tidal Zante Boat Party 2018 – Tickets here

25th August Tidal Zante Boat Party 2018 – Tickets here

1st September Tidal Zante Boat Party 2018 – Tickets here

8th September Tidal Zante Boat Party 2018 – Tickets here

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