Zante Shopping List

When you’re off on holiday, let’s face it, it’s a great excuse to buy some new clothes, shoes and holiday items. How else would you get excited? By buying a new bikini or trainers, of course!

Zante Shopping List

Below is our list of things we would recommend you should purchase before you go away, so get saving 😉

  • Towels – You don’t want an old damaged, colour-faded towel by the poolside would you?
  • Clothes – This includes everything from shorts, tshirts to underwear and socks! Treat yourself!
  • Trainers – Trainers are a bit suspect…mainly because the likelihood your trainers, sandals etc will get battered and destroyed at Cherry Bay or the other Zante Strip Nightlife is very likely!
  • iPod/iPod dock/Speakers – For the pre-drinks and around the pool! You’ll be listening to a lot of music if you’re anything like us lot!
  • Suncream – Don’t be that person asking to borrow your friends all the time! Also, make sure you get some aftersun, so you don’t end up peeling!
  • Music – Some may forget this! But make sure you update your music selection (including playlists), perfect for around the pool and pre-drinking!
  • Aftershave/Perfume – Ideal opportunity is in the airport (Duty Free), sometimes it can be cheaper on the highstreet, but there’s something about buying fragrances in the airport will put you in the holiday mood!
  • Books – If you’re a reader I’m sure you’ll do this frequently! But be sure to buy some new books or update that Kindle of yours.

N.B We’ve also got some top sellers from Amazon below…for the women!

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Keep partying,