Zante Do’s & Don’ts

Zante Do’s & Don’ts

When you’re on the party island of Zante and the party resort of Laganas there definitely are some things you should definitely do and somethings you just shouldn’t! To make things easy we’ve compiled our list of Zante Do’s & Don’ts, nice and simple!

Zante Do’s

Do plan ahead – nightclub/bars

  • You’re on holiday…you don’t want to be walking around the strip during the midday heat trying to find tickets for this event, tickets for that event. Or even strolling around at night trying to find the best club. It’ll take you two seconds to find what clubs you’ll probably want to go to on our Nightlife Page or look at the various events on offer in Zante.

Do go on a Boat Party

  • Whichever boat party you choose, you should definitely go on one. They’re always fun, you’ll always meet some new friends, you’ll always have a few drink. So what’s not to love! There’s plenty on offer to choose from…just do a quick search on Google or browse Twitter and a few will pop up, 2017 they’re a few new ones on offer to look out for 😉 – such at Rum & Raybans 2017.

Do visit Navagio Beach/Smugglers Cove/Shipwreck Beach

  • You’ll see it on almost every post card in Zante, on almost every website to do with Zante. So you’d be silly not to go and visit it! Find the other 2 beaches we think you should definitely visit is Zante Beaches Page.

Do stay up all night at Cherry Bay

  • We love Cherry Bay…and so does almost everyone who visits it! The latest club to stay open on the Zante strip offers beautiful beach views. So why stay up all night? 1. Because you’re on holiday 2. Because you’ll get some beautiful views on the sunrise!

Do be safe

  • We don’t want to bore your holiday, but just be safe. Especially when you’re drinking. Never go on a quad drunk because your holiday insurance probably won’t cover it! Don’t walk home alone if you can avoid it! And finally, know your limits when it comes to drinking!

Zante Don’ts

Don’t drink too much alcohol

  • We know very well you’re going to drink alcohol on the Zante strip and when you indulge in the Zante nightlife, but what we’re saying is just try to be careful and not drink too much…what the strip manages to do you is well, you’ll be sober one minute then the next you’ll be completely wasted. So don’t drink even more alcohol when you’re already drunk – bad recipe.

Don’t spend too long in the sun

  • The weather is one of the main reasons why you go to Zante, right? I mean let’s face it, you would pick Zante over most British ‘strips’ wouldn’t you? So just try not to spend too long in the sunshine during the peak hours 12 – 4pm, you’ll just end up getting sunburnt and your skin will hurt, you’ll look like a tomato and it’s not that good for your health either.

Don’t f*ck around on your balcony

  • We don’t mean getting wasted and drink on your balcony, we mean balcony hopping and jumping from one balcony to the other. If you slip…you may get hurt, quite a bit as well.

Don’t think your Lewis Hamilton when on a Quad

  • Why? Becuase let’s face it. You’re not Lewis Hamilton. And if you’re on a quad, odds are your insurance company won’t pay off if you get hurt. You’d be even stupider to get on one when drunk, AND not wear a helmet.

Get in an argument with any bouncers

  • The chances are the bouncers aren’t licensed, unlike in the UK. So if they the Zante security guard/Zante bouncer tells you to get lost, you better do it. If you’re drunk you’re more likely to think you could ‘have him’, but don’t even dare. The bouncers are likely to have some sort of protection or weapon, whether that’s a baton or some pepper spray. Just some and have some respect for them, imagine hundreds of drunk Zante revellers every night acting rowdy and trying to keep control of them…not an easy task at all.

We hope you take a few of these hints and tips on board!

Keep partying,