Zante Beaches

Zante Beaches

Zante is a beautiful island with some beautiful beaches, as you’d expect from an island in the Mediterranean sea. So we’ve got the top 3 Zante beaches on the island, that you must visit!

Top 3 Zante Beaches

Laganas Beach Laganas Beach

(Located towards the South East of the island of Zante)

Crystal clear blue sea? Beautiful golden beaches? The sun’s rays on your back? What else do you need on holiday?! Laganas Beach has around 5 kilometers of sun kissed sand for you to swim, sunbathe and tan on. One of the most popular beaches due to it’s location, being right next to the young revellers part town of Laganas. It’s a member of the National Marine Park, as the Laganas beach is home to the famous endangered Caretta sea turtles – which you view on boats and jet-skis. Right next to the beach there’s plenty of beach bars, restaurant and shops.

This beach is definitely for the young and lively, with the bars, clubs, restaurants and shops, not to mention the tourist facilities on offer such as boat parties and boat cruises.

Navagio Beach/Smugglers Cove/Shipwreck Beach

(Located towards the North West of the island of Zante)

Navagio Beach is synonymous with Zante, Smugglers Cove Zanteover all the postcards, spread everywhere online and you can understand why when you take a look at the photo…

One of Zante’s top attractions and you can see why, it looks like a set from Pirates of the Caribbean or Assassins Creed Black Flag (for the gamers).

Navagio Beach is littered with shiny blue pebbles, the sea reflects and radiates a blue aurora and highlights the white Sulphur caves surrounding Navagio Beach. The hills surrounding the beach make for perfect views, but you can only get to this beach via a taxi-boat ride from other bays and beaches – Aghios Nikolaos or Porto Vromi.

Makris Gialos Beach Makris Gialos Beach

(Located towards the North of the island of Zante)

Another gorgeous beach on the island of Zante! Makris Gialos offers beautiful views, even before you arrive on the scenic coast leading to the beach. Beautiful warm sand is caressed by the seemingly dyed blue sea, golden sun basks the sand and the caves surrounding offer the perfect opportunity for keen snorkelers out there to dive in a go searching!

Opportunities for a quick refreshment and scenic views can be found in the vicinity, so Makris Gialos is definitely worth a visit!