Simple Greek Phrases

Visiting a foreign land usually comes with the difficulties of a foreign language and if you’re not Greek, this is the case. A tricky language to master but we’ve listed a few simple Greek phrases of the language of the Gods below to whet your appetite.

Some are simple phrases and some could get you out of a tricky situation, so have some fun trying to remember a few! (If I don’t point, wave and speak louder than you usually do)

Simple Greek Phrases

Thank youEfharisto’
Thank you very muchEfharisto’ poli’
You’re welcomeParakalo’
Excuse meSigno’mi
GoodbyeAndi’o sas
Good morningKalime’ra
Good afternoonKalo’ mesime’ri
Good eveningKalispe’ra
Good nightKalini’hta
I do not understandDen katalave’no
What is your name? Pos se le’ne?
Nice to meet youHe’ro poli’
How are you?Ti ka’nete?
So soE’tsi ke e’tsi
Where is the bathroom?/Where is the toilet? Pu’ i’ne i tuale’ta?
Do you speak EnglishMilas Anglika?

We’ll be continuing to add more and more Greek phrases. We like to think it’s always nice to at least try and speak a countries language when you visit. If you feel we’re missing out on a phrase or two, feel free to get in touch on our contact page – here.

And if you’d like further information on other useful tips find them at these two links – Tips and Resources.

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