Laganas Restaurants

Laganas Restaurants

We know Laganas has some of the best nightlife in the Mediterranean. But there are some fantastic Laganas restaurants you may be surprised to learn. From your typical English restaurants and so called Cafe’s, to more local cuisine offering an authentic Greek and Mediterranean meal!

As you can expect from a resort that has been somewhat taken over by the party go-ers of the UK and the rest of Europe there’s plenty of your favourite takeaway food on offer such as McDonald’s and Subway. But below are some independent restaurants that should definitely visit.

Note: On the Laganas strip & the Kalamaki road there are plenty of other restaurants. You will be pestered by PR folk with deals such as 40% off, free drinks, free desserts and more. Just to warn you. 

Laganas Restaurants

1. Cool Pepperscool peppers zante laganas

As soon as you arrive, if you ask someone where to go for a delicious Laganas meal, they’ll probably suggest here. Set along the beachfront, Cool Peppers offers some of the best food in the resort and some of the best views come sunset. You’ll be paying slightly more for your meal, but it’s our Top Pick for a Laganas meal!

2. Chevy’s chevys zante laganas

Another great pick and hot spot for tourists. Chevy’s in Laganas is a large, American style diner, with American style decor and offering fantastic American style diner food as you’d expect. Located in the centre of the strip it’s hard to miss, so stop by and grab a burger and a milkshake, or two.

3. Taso’s Place/ Taso’s Taverna/ Taso’s Resturant tasos taverna zante

Similarly to Cool Peppers, set on the beachfront Taso’s offers fantastic sunset views. Taso’s offer great local Greek cuisine and frequently noted as having excellent service combined with excellent value for money. Definitely try and visit Taso’s at least once when in Laganas.

4. The Sizzlebang Grill The Sizzlebang Grill Zante

One for you meat lovers. Offering some of the best kebabs on the strip and not to mention the famous Gyros (Kebab and chips wrapped in Pita bread), Sizzlebang Grill is just off the main Laganas strip down the Kalamaki Road.

5. Akropolis Restaurant & Bar akropolis restaurant and bar zante

The Akropolis restaurant is set someway back from the Laganas strip, towards the Sunflower Studios (mentioned in our accommodation near the strip blog post). Be prepared to walk 5 minutes, you’ll get some of the best food and atmosphere in the resort (we’re not lying look at the TripAdvisor reviews), all for a reasonable price.

6. Island Restaurant The Island Restaurant Laganas

Island restaurant Laganas is another restaurant situated just off the Laganas Strip on the Kalamaki Road. Offering traditional Greek food of exquisite taste and quality with helpful and cheerful staff. Island restaurant Laganas is a sure fire place to go for a great start to your evening. They also are renowned for offering great deals on food and great drinks deals such as unlimited bars/free drinks.

7. Peri Heaven ZantePeri Heaven Zante

You guess what restaurant infamous Chicken restaurant Peri Heaven Zante may be resembling. A slice of the UK in Zante. What more could you ask for? From your wraps, whole chickens, half chickens, sides and sauces head down to Peri Heaven Zante for your next flavoursome chicken indulgence. Head down the strip towards the beach from Ghetto Bar, take the first left. Then right and at the next turn.

8. Big Boys Zantebig boys zante

Located on the heart of the Zante strip, just up the road from Plus Club. Big Boys Zante brings you everything you need to prepare yourself for a night on the alcohol. From pizza slices and burgers, to Greek gyros, salads and baguettes!