Laganas Checklist

Zante Holiday Checklist

Our Laganas checklist is there for those who simply forgot that one annoying item. We’ve all made it to the airport and realise we’ve forgotten something, hopefully not the passport or tickets though. And then we’ve all arrived at our destination to realise we’ve forgotten something else.

The dilemma of packing too much or not enough, squeezing everything into the ever shrinking luggage limits is tough. So here’s our simple Laganas checklist of key items to pack and not to forget to pack them!

The Essentials

Swimming shorts/Bikini

  • This goes without saying, you’ll spend almost the whole day in them so make sure you don’t forget them! You’ll probably be better off packing 2/3 pairs.


  • Another necessity, this is purely for protection of your skin. I know everyone wants to get a tan, but you’ll be better off starting on a high factor and slowly lowering the factor as your holiday goes on. Don’t be stupid by not putting any on at all – that’s a recipe for a disaster! Everyone prefers a golden tan than looking like a Lobster!

Mosquito Repellant

  • If you’ve been to the Mediterranean before you’ll understand this problem, they’re everywhere! Down the side roads of Laganas there are quite a few bushes and grassy areas where these and other pesky bugs sit and prey, so ensure you spray your legs before you head out.

 Beach towel

  • You’ll no doubt get a towel from the hotel/apartment you stay in, but for around the pool the best decision is to bring your own. You may even want to bring two, one for the beach, one for the pool. You don’t want to get out of the pool to dry yourself with a sandy towel!

Other crucial items

  • Passport
  • Travel Insurance
  • Money – Euros
  • Money card/Bank card (remember to tell your bank you’re going away as they may block it if you don’t make them aware – suspicion of fraudulent activity)
  • iPod and docking station
  • After sun
  • Adapters and extension lead
  • Phone charger/iPod charger
  • Ear/Headphones
  • Paracetamol
  • Flip Flops
  • Fancy dress
  • Hair Straighteners

Oh, and don’t be afraid to crack on with learning some of the language here! Or other potential Resources for your stay here!

Hopefully our Laganas checklist has helped you and jogged your memory, there’s always something you’ll end up forgetting!

Keep partying,