Zante Spending Money Guide

Zante Spending Money Guide

In order to have the best Zante holiday, you’ll need to know how much to take with you. This is why we’ve developed the Zante spending money guide! Below, we’ve got all eventualities. A Zante weekender, a Zante 1 week holiday, a Zante 10 day holiday and a Zante 2 week holiday.

You can also find out more about the individual prices at our Laganas strip prices page.

Zante Spending Money Guide – Zante Weekender – 3 Day Holiday

  • With a weekend you’ll naturally spend more per day than you would on a week or two week holiday. This is because your time is shorter and you’ll want to fit more in and shorter time frame
  • We recommend around €250.
  • So just under €85 per day.
  • If you have time, fit a booze cruise/boat party.
  • For food, we assume you’ll be getting up slightly earlier so will buy breakfast more often, so allow around €30-€35 for food per day.
  • If there’s a Zante event on, tickets do vary heavily, can be €20, can be €50.
  • Drinks, roughly €20 per day. If you buy alcohol at the supermarket you’ll spend less between you all.

Zante Spending Money Guide – 1 Week Holiday

  • We recommend taking to Zante around €500 – €600 for a week holiday.
  • This works out at around €78 per day . Remember 2 of these days are travels days.
  • Zante Booze cruises/boat party around €50-€60.
  • You’ll need around €25 a day for food, it’s only a week so you may as well eat what you like (some nice Zante restaurants can be found on the beach front).
  • Zante Nightclub entry is around €20, €40 or more if there is an event on.
  • €10-15 pre-drinks per night.
  • Quad bikes are around €20 ish a day and €5-€10 petrol will get you a fair distance.

Zante Spending Money Guide – 10 Day Holiday

  • To Laganas Zante we recommend taking around €800
  • Roughly €80 per day. Including 2 travel days, so you may not spend a lot of money on arrival and leaving day (plus some of it will be £££’s when you’re in the UK).
  • Laganas booze cruises are around €50-€60, you’re there for 10 days, definitely do something over than laying around the pool all day. Zante has some of the best party boats going!
  • Again, €25 a day for food, assuming you won’t really be eating a breakfast and having more of a lay in.
  • Laganas nightclub entry is the same, €20 a night if there is an event on. Sometimes a lot more! But also, sometimes slightly less!
  • €10-€15 for predrinks again, this is generous though!
  • Quad bikes are up to you, the same prices per day. Just be careful of insurance!

Zante Spending Money Guide – 2 Week Holiday

  • First of all, good luck if you plan on going out every night (we salute you).
  • We recommend around double that of a 1 week holiday. Around €1000-€1200.
  • Just over €71 per day/€85 per day . AgainRemember 2 of these days are travels days.
  • Around €30 a day for food should be enough. You’ll have to have a few nice meals over the 2 week period! So check out some Laganas restaurants.
  • Booze cruises in Zante around €50-€60.
  • Nightclub entry around €20 (if there is an event on).
  • €10-15 pre-drinks per night. Again 2 weeks, you may want to splash out and buy slightly nicer/larger Vodka between a group of you and use that for a few nights.
  • Quad bikes are around €20 ish a day and €5-€10 petrol will get you a fair distance (over 2 weeks you may want to explore somewhat and taxi’s can add up)


There loads of things to do so for something different check out;

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