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After a long night of partying away you’ll definitely want a bed to put you into slumber for the next few hours and get raring to go for the next night (not before some sunbathing I’m sure).

Attracting younger holidaymakers, the laganas accommodation is very affordable. Predominantly self-catered, so the flexibility is an extra bonus (The Laganas accommodation typically provides enough utensils for a standard meal – I’m thinking stay in and cook?).

You can expect almost all of the Laganas accommodation to include a pool and a pool bar (staff accommodation might not have a pool however), a balcony, plenty of sun loungers and maybe if you’re lucky maybe even a 24hr pool bar.

Other amenities you can expect from your Zante accommodation include:

  • A safe
  • Air conditioning (a god send if you can pay extra for this – temperatures can get a bit…hot, in Laganas)
  • Pool table
  • Internet Access
  • Balcony
  • Sun Loungers
  • Fridge & Microwave
  • Wi-Fi
  • Kettle

Please be aware that some of these may incur extra costs so please check before as you wouldn’t want any surprises.

There are some fantastic gems that can be found in Laganas and some great accommodation can be found by checking out our resources page and having a look at our suggestions – found here.

Best Places To Find Laganas Accommodation

…Be sure to check the hotel on TripAdvisor first!

I’m sure the majority of you won’t be that bothered about where you’re staying. I mean, obviously you’ll want somewhere clean, relatively comfortable, not too expensive and everything else. But when scrolling and trawling through the hoards of accommodation in Laganas, don’t be alarmed when you see the three, or god forbid, two stars.

The accommodation isn’t terribly (we can confirm that), it just comes with your basic necessities and no fancy extras, but yes you can find some hotels/apartments in the somewhat, higher price range.

Keep partying,