How to get rid of the Zante cough?

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So, how do you get rid of the Zante cough? Well, you could just not go to Zante? But, F*** that.

Let’s face it, you’ve been drinking cheap vodka all week (maybe two weeks if you’re lucky), cheap gin, cheap rum and whatever else you’ve been drinking, Kopparberg, beer, shots and more.

Oh, and we suspect your diet…with regards to food hasn’t been that great, but we’re only assuming…, so your bodies been taking a hammering each night and the next night, and the next, and the, well you get it. Combine the alcohol with the not-so-nutritional food and all of a sudden your immune system isn’t that strong!

You can also find our ‘How to get rid of the Zante cough’ where it belongs.

Top tips for ‘How to get rid of the Zante cough’

  • Drink plenty of water, or honey and lemon. You’ve got a sore throat try stay off the alcohol when you return to the UK or wherever you call home.
  • Eat lots of nutritional food. You probably should increase the vitamins and minerals in your body, that’ll help fight off the Zante cough/Zante disease (Lots of Vitamin C).
  • Sleep. This is easy. Going to bed at 5am and getting up at 11am for 7 or more days straight isn’t that great, is it? And this is easy to do, just sleep, relax and recuperate your energy.
  • Air conditioning. Try turning this off for a couple of nights, a few people at Zante-Laganas recommend this. Sleeping in a 18°C room can’t be that healthy, we think…

These few tips are our top tips to get rid of the Zante cough. Combine them all and you’ll be healthy in no time. We’ve also got out Zante hangover cure if you’re interested? Here!

In the meantime if you want to know more about the Laganas nightlife click here and for those who are still debating about visiting Laganas? Why? Take a look at where to find the best deals on our resources page.

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