How to get ready for Summer 2018

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How to get ready for Summer 2018

The weather’s been awful over the past few weeks, beast from the East this, beast from the East that, snow, rain, wind and whatever else it may be. But, don’t worry. We know you’ve been looking for holidays, looking and searching where to go, how much you want to spend, and just generally looking at warmer climates to fly off to.

This is why below we’ve prepared the best ways and ideas on how to get ready for Summer 2018. Tips, hints and whatever you need you can find below;

Firstly, book your holiday? What are you waiting for?!

  • A drink in your hand, the sand beneath your toes, the sun beaming down, the cool water just waiting for you to dip into. Or, take a look outside, it’s probably damp or wet, probably dark, probably cold. So what are you waiting for…book your holiday! Fill in the below and get searching;

Read up, and get information

  • Whether you haven’t booked, or you’re certain you’re going to book. Read up on accommodation, information about the destination, the weather and everything else. Even check Tripadvisor. For Zante, you’ll definitely want to read up on the Nightlife here.

Get your money together

  • This is probably one of the hardest things. Especially if you only have a part time job, still studying, wanting to buy new clothes, go out drinking and eating, the list goes on. But get tough, put aside a certain amount of £££ per week or month, and it’ll soon add up. Plus, just think of being in the sunshine abroad with your mates having the best time of your life, that’ll help you save up!

Read up on Foreign Travel Advice.

Get your shopping list ready

  • You’ve booked it, and saving up the money to pay off the remaining fee. Now, what else do you need to buy before you go? Try this little list below to help;
    • Sun cream, shower gel, toothpaste, hair gel, clothes (t-shirts, shorts, underwear), shoes, trainers, flip flops, towel, aftershave/perfume, speaker, after sun, swim wear – The list goes on, but that’s to get you started!

Get the best exchange rate!

  • There’s nothing worse than loosing out on money because of a rubbish exchange rate! Do your research. Great places to get started are for highly competitive comparisons and Travelex – one of the biggest names in travel insurance.

Finally, make sure your passport is all sorted, making sure it’s in date when you return, if it’s expired on your flight home, they could refuse you!

But we hope we’ve helped with our quick list of how to get ready for Summer 2018!

Keep partying,




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