Cheap summer 2018 flights to Zante

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Cheap summer 2018 flights to Zante

We know you love a deal out there. And we know you want to save your money so you can spend it on the most important things. Partying in Zante and on the Zante 2018 strip!

So we’ve got some of the best ways to find Cheap summer 2018 flights to Zante, helpful hints and tips so you have more money in your back pocket.

flights to Zante

Head over to Skyscanner. A great website that offer one of the best ways to find cheap flights from various different companies!



Laganas holidaysNext, we’re moving onto Easyjet. We’ve all seen their bright orange branding. But they offer cheap flights, but also cheap holidays. So a great option if you’re planning on having a holiday and then staying in Zante to work!

Don’t forget Expedia. They’re more renowned for finding you great value hotels abroad. But they do far more than that, so expect to find some cheap summer flights to Zante here.Laganas holidays

Finally, On The Beach. Providing great value holidays, expect to find great value flights here too!Laganas holidays

Some helpful cheap summer 2018 flights to Zante tips;

  1. Book sooner rather than later
  2. Sometimes flights at other companies may be cheaper, but once you’ve added on baggage it can add up ( so be careful)
  3. Look around, companies like Ryanair may not always be the cheapest
  4. Time of day, be careful when your flight takes off and lands (you may come across unexpected costs, e.g. Taxi in Zante, traffic in the UK on the roads and potentially the London Underground)
  5. Check a variety of airports (we recently booked a holiday and it was £200 cheaper per person to book from Birmingham than Gatwick!)

With this in mind we hope you have a fantastic time wherever you go on holiday!

Take a peak below if you cannot wait!

Keep partying,


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