Brand New Cherry Bay 2018

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Brand New Cherry Bay 2018

Yes, Zante 2018 is fast approaching and I’m sure cherry bay zanteyou’ll have seen that Cherry Bay has movedSo we bring you the brand new Cherry Bay in the heart of the Zante strip, opposite Rescue Club, moving from there old stomping ground on the beach front.

But don’t expect anything to change. Litres of alcohol will be consumed, partying into the earlier hours will continue and some of the best events in Zante will continue to be held in Cherry Bay.

Glitter n Gold Zante

With a new location comes new events to reign in the summer 2018.

full moon zante 2018

Expect Glitter N Gold, where you will be shining from head to toe, sparkling with a glowing drink in hand. But the Zante Full Moon Party returns, late nights, Thai-style buckets, fire breathers and more.

Find out more about the Cherry Bay events here. And expect summer 2018 to be better than ever!

Feel like you want to go crazy in Zante this summer? Check out the prices below for your dates;

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