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From the information below you can see we’re constantly growing and expanding our article range and readership since our inception in 2015.

Our largest proportion of readers are from the difficult to reach 18-24 category and a healthy mix of female and male readers, with slightly more of our readers female.

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Zante Laganas Audience Figures Jan 1st 2016 – Dec 31st 2016

16,682 unique readers

reading over 29,198 articles

52.56% aged between 18-24

54.8% were females | 45.2% were males

Zante Laganas Audience Figures Jan 1st 2016 – Feb 19th 2017 (latest figures)

2,426 unique readers

reading over 4,301 articles

62.22% aged between 18-24

52.3 % were females | 47.7% were males

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