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Zante informationAbout Zante Laganas – Zante information for all.

First of all Zante Laganas is a new website, which formally launched in February 2015. Zante Laganas offers detailed Zante information about the well known party resort of Laganas. Found on the Greek island of Zante, sitting in the Mediterranean sea.

If you’re already intrigued, here are a few links that that you may find interesting; Nightlife, Drinks Prices, Accommodation, Flights, Tips & Tricks, Language Tips and our resources page that contain all our best recommendations. Alternatively feel free to look at our Zante Laganas Blog that we update frequently.

Therefore, Zante Laganas was founded to create 1 simple source for the party revelers to gather all the information for that memorable summer holiday in Laganas. We understand a large part of your stay in Laganas will be drinking and partying, which is why we frequently update our blog with fantastic information. In addition to this we post other things that we think will benefit you during your stay in Laganas, such as a useful a Checklist, our weather updates, the Zante water parks and more.

Some people want information there and then, while others gather more in-depth research and are all about collating as much information as possible. Because of this we’ve tried to include information for all here, in one simple place. As clear as possible and as accurate as possible, including helpful links to point you in the right direction.

Zante Laganas will cover all the key elements to make your holiday as memorable as possible and so you don’t forget anything. From the best nightlife spots to drinks prices and helpful language tips you should find all you need. We’re here to focus on all things, big or small so you have the best week (or two) of your life.

We’d like to thank all other sites that have helped us and there’s two in particular – Directory World and zakynthos.2link.be

Finally, be sure to check out our sister site – www.santotomas.co.uk.

Keep partying,