Zante-Laganas Blog Comments Guideline

At Zante-Laganas, we like to create content that resonates with our audiences, informs them, engages with them, helps them make a decision whether they want to holiday in Laganas and gets them excited about their holiday to Laganas.

We want everyone to join in and we encourage readers of the Zante-Laganas blog to give feedback, share ideas, when they’re going on holiday and overall comment! It’s these reasons why we keep making the blog!

As we want to make it easy to comment, share ideas and more, there’s no need to sign up anywhere! Making it readily available to everyone.

To maintain a positive environment in our Zante-Laganas community, we have a few rules (unfortunately for some):


Zante-Laganas Blog Comments Guideline

  • Be respectful and kind. Ideas should be encourage and comments well thought out.
  • Ask questions. Get asking! Whatever it may be, we want your thoughts, feedback, comments and ideas.
  • No spam. If people keep spamming, we’ll keep removing the comments, e.g. viruses, malware, chain letters.
  • No harassing. This goes without saying really. Treat others as you’d want to be treated. No rude language, rude comments, negative or disrespectful comments.

Zante-Laganas reserves the right to remove any comments that we deem to not abide by these guidelines, we also don’t claim ownership of any posted comments.

We strive to respond to as many comments that come through the Zante-Laganas blog as we can. If you have a more immediate question that needs assistance, please contact us directly at Or at our Contact Page.

If you’re bored of commenting and reading up on Zante-Laganas, which we hope you’re not…feel free to check out our sister sites – &

Keep partying,


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