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First of all, welcome to Zante 2018 and Zante Laganas. Where you can find everything for your next holiday on in Laganas Zante, and the Zante strip of Laganas.

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Laganas offers great music, friendly people and gorgeous weather. Basically everything you need for your next Summer getaway.

Laganas Zante is renowned for being the liveliest part on the island of Zakynthos, or Zante to most. The main strip is paved with bars and clubs that you’ll definitely have a great time in. Pints to pitchers, the drinks are plentiful (and we’ve got the best bars in Laganas summarised here)

LaganasZante Laganas

Located on the Southern coast of Zante. Laganas offers a beautiful sun kissed beach stretching for over 3 miles, caressed by the warm Mediterranean sea. A large number of restaurants that serve a range of international cuisine have found their home in Laganas satisfying the wide range of cultures that converge on the resort.

The main street and Laganas nightlife is found on the ‘Laganas strip’ as it’s less formal name. Littered with various nightclubs, bars, restaurants, souvenirs shops and supermarkets, with the odd quad bike rental shop. The majority of bars, such as Linekars Zante have a bar up front and in addition to this, have a back room reminiscent of your standard night club.

Off the main strip,  on small side roads is where the majority of Zante accommodation is located, a convenient 5 minute walk or less to the main strip. Some hotels and apartments are further away, located near the entrance of the Laganas, slightly set back from the main road, or a long the coast.

Therefore, why wouldn’t you want to find your perfect Laganas holiday here?!

Zante 2017

Zante Or Zakynthos, is a Greek Island found in the Ionian Sea and one of the largest Greek islands you’ll find in the Mediterranean Sea. Zante’s the most southerly of the Ionian islands. Triangular in it’s shape, Zante has 3 distinct areas . The north west is mountainous with small, traditional villages. The central region is a fertile plain, plentiful with olive groves and vineyards. And finally, the south east is characterised by beautiful beaches.

Golden beaches stretching for miles, crashing waves and the beaming sun. You can probably see why this is what many holidaymakers see as paradise. With famous sites such as Navagio beach (accessible by only boat), the beautiful and rare Loggerhead Turtles, the delicious Mediterranean Greek cuisine and vibrant nightlife.

The Zante nightlife is focused around the Laganas nightlife predominantly, this is why Zante Laganas was born. To provide the best help possible about Zante, such as what great Zante 2018 activities there are to do. To what Laganas events there are on offer and how to make the best of your Zante holiday and Laganas holiday. But most of all, so you have a great holiday.

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And most of all, keep partying and have an amazing Zante 2018,

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